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Zurich Dec 2006, April-May 2007  
DSCF3787, Zurich DSCF3784, Zurich DSCF3788, Zurich DSCF3796, Zurich DSCF3801, Zurich
DSCF3809, Zurich DSCF3931, Zurich DSCF3936, Zurich DSCF3820, Zurich DSCF3831, Zurich
DSCF3955, Zurich DSCF4008, Zurich DSCF3837, Zurich DSCF3900, Zurich DSCF3947, Zurich
DSCF3992, Zurich DSCF3031, Zurich DSCF3034, Zurich  

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