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Wien / Vienna September 2006  
DSCF2067, Vienna DSCF2086, Vienna DSCF2066, Vienna DSCF2077, Vienna DSCF2182, Vienna
DSCF2120, Vienna DSCF2175, Vienna DSCF2087, Vienna DSCF2104, Vienna DSCF2105, Vienna
DSCF2123, Vienna DSCF2172, Vienna DSCF2193, Vienna DSCF2092, Vienna DSCF2093, Vienna
DSCF2095, Vienna DSCF2117, Vienna  
Wang June 2010
DSCF7983, Wang, Austria DSCF7977, Wang, Austria DSCF7981, Wang, Austria DSCF7984, Wang, Austria  

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