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Romania June 2010  
DSCF7920, Romania DSCF7934, Romania DSCF7940, Romania DSCF7897, Romania DSCF7868, Romania
DSCF7886, Romania DSCF7812, Romania DSCF7904, Romania DSCF7851, Romania DSCF7936, Romania
DSCF7800, Romania DSCF7722, Romania DSCF7747, Romania DSCF7771, Romania DSCF7765, Romania
DSCF7769, Romania DSCF7779, Romania DSCF7810, Romania DSCF7829, Romania DSCF7872, Romania
DSCF7794, Romania DSCF7878, Romania DSCF7835, Night Sky, Romania DSCF7951, Romania DSCF7911, Romania
DSCF7917, Romania DSCF7935, Romania DSCF7882, Romania    
Romania June 2010

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