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Lowlands - Kelpies, Falkirk Wheel, Stirling, Lenzie - Kirkintilloch, Forth and Clyde Canal, Paisley, Leith

Forth and Clyde Canal
IMG_4505 Forth & Clyde Canal IMG_4574 Forth & Clyde Canal IMG_4556 Forth & Clyde Canal IMG_4561 Forth & Clyde Canal  
DSCF2065  Forth & Clyde Canal DSCF2083  Forth & Clyde Canal DSCF2088  Forth & Clyde Canal IMG_4408 Forth & Clyde Canal IMG_4409  Forth & Clyde Canal
IMG_4411  Forth & Clyde Canal IMG_4436  Forth & Clyde Canal IMG_4515_E Forth & Clyde Canal  
Lenzie - Kirkintilloch
IMG_4580 Milton of Campsie IMG_4582 Milton of Campsie IMG_4590 Milton of Campsie  
DSCF4573, Lenzie Moss DSCF4579, Lenzie Moss DSCF4582, Lenzie Moss DSCF0069, From Campsies looking North DSCF0073, From Campsies looking North
DSCF1263, Reflections, Kirkintilloch DSCF2923  Kirkintilloch DSCF1581  Kirkintilloch  
DSCF5750, Kelpies DSCF5755, Kelpies DSCF5759, Kelpies DSCF5763, Kelpies DSCF5766, Kelpies
DSCF5773, Kelpies DSCF5783  Kelpies DSCF5786  Kelpies DSCF5790  Kelpies DSCF5793  Kelpies
DSCF5794, Kelpies DSCF5799, Kelpies DSCF5806, Kelpies  
Falkirk Wheel
DSCF5812, Falkirk Wheel DSCF5818, Falkirk Wheel DSCF5824, Falkirk Wheel DSCF5829, Falkirk Wheel DSCF5835, Falkirk Wheel
IMG_2365: Stirling IMG_2366: Stirling IMG_2368: Stirling IMG_2371: Stirling IMG_2374: Stirling
IMG_2378: Stirling IMG_2381: Stirling IMG_2383: Stirling IMG_2389: Stirling IMG_2394: Stirling
IMG_2395: Stirling IMG_2397: Stirling IMG_2401: Stirling IMG_2407: Stirling IMG_2409: Stirling
IMG_2411: Stirling  
DSCF2636, Paisley Abbey DSCF2638, Paisley Abbey DSCF2640, Paisley Abbey DSCF2644, Paisley Abbey DSCF2649, Paisley Town Hall
DSCF5090, Leith IMG_2462 Leith  
Lowlands, Scotland

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