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Highlands - Lossiemouth, Loch Ness, Crinan, Glencoe, Inverness Area, Moray Coast, Golspie, Sutherland, Nairn, Knowehead, Foyers
DSCF1011  Lossiemouth DSCF1020  Lossiemouth DSCF5451  Lossiemouth DSCF5460  Lossiemouth DSCF5468  Lossiemouth
DSCF5475  Lossiemouth DSCF5477_E  Lossiemouth DSCF5478_E Lossiemouth DSCF5483_E Lossiemouth DSCF5486_E Lossiemouth
DSCF5491 Lossiemouth DSCF5500 Lossiemouth DSCF5503 Lossiemouth DSCF5504 Lossiemouth DSCF5505_E Lossiemouth
DSCF5509  Lossiemouth DSCF5511  Lossiemouth DSCF5514  Lossiemouth DSCF5516_E Lossiemouth DSCF5518_E  Lossiemouth
DSCF5531  Lossiemouth DSCF5534  Lossiemouth DSCF5545  Lossiemouth DSCF5550_E  Lossiemouth DSCF5551  Lossiemouth
DSCF5565_E Lossiemouth DSCF5596  Lossiemouth DSCF5601  Lossiemouth DSCF5604  Lossiemouth DSCF5609_E  Lossiemouth
DSCF5628  Lossiemouth DSCF5715 Lossiemouth DSCF5629  Lossiemouth DSCF5633  Lossiemouth DSCF5636  Lossiemouth
DSCF5637  Lossiemouth DSCF5644_E  Lossiemouth DSCF5645_E  Lossiemouth DSCF5647_E  Lossiemouth DSCF5649  Lossiemouth
DSCF5653  Lossiemouth DSCF5655  Lossiemouth DSCF5659  Lossiemouth DSCF5660_E  Lossiemouth DSCF5697  Lossiemouth
DSCF5676  Lossiemouth DSCF5694_E  Lossiemouth  
Loch Ness
DSCF5039 Loch Ness DSCF5041 Loch Ness DSCF5044 Loch Ness DSCF5047 Loch Ness  
IMG_1314 Crinan IMG_1315 Crinan IMG_1316 Crinan IMG_1320 Crinan  
IMG_1322 Glencoe IMG_1323 Glencoe IMG_1327 Glencoe  
Inverness Area
IMG_0136: Inverness IMG_4095: Inverness IMG_4099: Inverness IMG_4104: Inverness IMG_4110: Inverness
IMG_4121: Inverness  
DSCF2900  Inverness DSCF2903  Inverness DSCF2910  Inverness DSCF2911  Inverness DSCF2914  Inverness
DSCF1154, River Ness DSCF8624 DSCF0409, Inverness DSCF7418, Inverness DSCF0402, Inverness
IMG_2363 Dochgarroch  
Moray Coast
DSCF00947  Findochty Coastline DSCF0893    DSCF0851  Cullen DSCF0888  Portknockie Coastline DSCF0799  Bow Fiddle Rock, Portknockie
DSCF9656, Burghead Harbour DSCF2564, Portsoy Harbour DSCF2561, Portsoy Harbour DSCF2549, Portsoy Harbour  
DSCF0541  Big Burn Golspie DSCF0525  Big Burn Golspie DSCF0519  Big Burn Golspie DSCF0499  Big Burn Golspie DSCF0498  Big Burn Golspie
DSCF0496  Big Burn Golspie DSCF0400, Golspie  
DSCF8618, Falls of Shin DSCF8617, Falls of Shin DSCF5994, Portmahomick DSCF5988, Portmahomick DSCF0381, Brora
DSCF0376, Brora  
DSCF2692, Nairn DSCF2676, Scared ! DSCF2597, Nairn DSCF2595, Nairn DSCF2695, Nairn
DSCF2617, Nairn  
DSCF1022  Knowehead Farm, 1960's ? DSCF0838  Knowehead Farm DSCF0836  Knowehead Farm DSCF0832  Knowehead Farm DSCF0831  Knowehead Farm
DSCF0829  Knowehead Farm DSCF0828  Knowehead Farm DSCF0818  Knowehead Farm DSCF0813  Knowehead Farm DSCF0812  Knowehead Farm
DSCF1032  Falls of Foyers IMG_1331 Foyers IMG_1335 Foyers IMG_1367 Foyers IMG_1374 Foyers
IMG_1400 Foyers IMG_1409, Foyers IMG_1416, Foyers IMG_1432, Foyers IMG_1445, Foyers
DSCF2584, Barley, Inverness DSCF4660, Cows in field DSCF4655, Dunlichity Church DSCF2197  Loch Drumtelchaig DSCF0954  Barley for...?

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