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Fife - Culross, St Andrews, Crail, Anstruther
DSCF7956, Culross DSCF7962, Culross DSCF7963, Culross DSCF7971  Culross DSCF7974, Culross
DSCF7978, Culross DSCF7985, Culross DSCF7986, Culross DSCF7993, Culross DSCF8001, Culross
DSCF8008, Culross DSCF8009, Culross DSCF8012, Culross DSCF8013, Culross  
St Andrews
DSCF8682, St Andrews DSCF8663, St Andrews DSCF1221, St Andrews DSCF8629 St Andrews DSCF8647, St Andrews
DSCF8657, St Andrews DSCF8680, St Andrews DSCF9643, St Andrews DSCF8683, St Andrews DSCF8686, St Andrews
DSCF1159, Crail Harbour, Fife DSCF1243, Crail Harbour DSCF1233, Crail Harbour DSCF1152, Crail  
DSCF1199, Reflections, Anstruther Harbour  
Fife, Scotland

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