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The Borders - Traquair House, Peebles, Neidpath Castle, Melrose, Kelso, Jedburgh, Hermitage Castle, St Abbs, Eyemouth

Traquair House
IMG_1004  Traquair House IMG_1011  Traquair House IMG_1012  Traquair House IMG_1014  Traquair House IMG_1015  Traquair House
IMG_1017  Traquair House IMG_1018  Traquair House  
IMG_0934  Peebles IMG_0936  Peebles IMG_0939  Peebles IMG_0941  Peebles IMG_0943  Peebles
IMG_0945  Peebles IMG_0946  Peebles IMG_0948  Peebles IMG_0950  Peebles IMG_0951  Peebles
IMG_0954  Peebles IMG_0956  Peebles IMG_0958  Peebles IMG_0961  Peebles IMG_0962  Peebles
IMG_0964  Peebles IMG_0967  Peebles  
Neidpath Castle
IMG_0973  Neidpath Castle IMG_0975  Neidpath Castle IMG_0977  Neidpath Castle IMG_0980  Neidpath Castle IMG_0982  Neidpath Castle
IMG_0983  Neidpath Castle IMG_0984  Neidpath Castle IMG_0990  Neidpath Castle  
IMG_1253  Melrose IMG_1256  Melrose IMG_1261  Melrose IMG_1263  Melrose IMG_1267  Melrose
IMG_1268  Melrose IMG_1273  Melrose IMG_1275  Melrose IMG_1278  Melrose IMG_1284  Melrose
IMG_1287  Melrose IMG_1288  Melrose IMG_1291  Melrose IMG_1293  Melrose IMG_1295  Melrose
IMG_1085  Kelso IMG_1087  Kelso IMG_1088  Kelso IMG_1094  Kelso IMG_1096  Kelso
IMG_1098  Kelso  
IMG_1227  Jedburgh IMG_1232  Jedburgh IMG_1234  Jedburgh IMG_1236  Jedburgh IMG_1237  Jedburgh
IMG_1281  Melrose
IMG_1239  Jedburgh IMG_1240  Jedburgh IMG_1244  Jedburgh IMG_1245  Jedburgh IMG_1248  Jedburgh
IMG_1250  Jedburgh IMG_1251  Jedburgh  
Hermitage Castle
IMG_1100  Hermitage Castle IMG_1101  Hermitage Castle IMG_1107  Hermitage Castle IMG_1115  Hermitage Castle IMG_1117  Hermitage Castle
IMG_1120  Hermitage Castle IMG_1122  Hermitage Castle IMG_1125  Hermitage Castle IMG_1131  Hermitage Castle IMG_1135  Hermitage Castle
IMG_1140  Hermitage Castle  
St Abbs
DSCF1711  St Abbs DSCF1721  St Abbs DSCF1725  St Abbs DSCF1741  St Abbs DSCF1735  East Coast Fishing Disaster memorial, St. Abbs
DSCF1787  St Abbs DSCF1789  St Abbs DSCF1886  St Abbs DSCF1882  St Abbs  
IMG_1047 St Abbs IMG_1048 St Abbs IMG_1049 St Abbs IMG_1052 St Abbs IMG_1053 St Abbs
IMG_1066 St Abbs IMG_1070 St Abbs IMG_1074 St Abbs IMG_1078 St Abbs IMG_1079 St Abbs
IMG_1082 St Abbs  
DSCF1873  Reflections Eyemouth DSCF1875 Eyemouth IMG_1032 Eyemouth IMG_1044 Eyemouth  
Borders, Scotland

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